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New style board with mounting holes


    The W.A.S.P. (Windows Analogue Signal Processor) offers a convenient way of linking your PC compatible computer to the real world of analogue and digital signals. It has four analogue inputs and 7 digital outputs. The analogue inputs accept voltages in the range 0-5v and the digital outputs are capable of switching on and off a wide range of devices directly (including high voltage loads up to 50v DC).




   It is connected to the PC via a standard USB interface requiring little or no installation expertise. i.e. the PC will recognise it as soon as attached and automatically configure itself to make use of the WASP. The WASP is designed to enable a control system to be implemented where the digital outputs can be turned on and off in response to variations in the analogue inputs.


    WASP is supplied with WaspWare application software which in most cases will be all that is needed to implement such a control system. However, a DLL (dynamic link library) is provided to allow programmers to write their own applications and easily access its facilities without having to know the details of USB operation etc.. If, however, you are already a competent programmer and wish to write your own programs for WASP then a DLL (dynamic link library) is provided on the installation disk which greatly simplifies this process. This DLL allows user programs written in a wide range of languages (eg C, C++ and Visual Basic), to have easy access to it's facilities. It provides standard functions which can be called from a library to initialise the WASP, send it output bit patterns and read analogue input values without having to know the details of USB operation etc... For more detailed information on how to use this DLL and example source code for visual basic please follow this link...


 WASP Visual Basic
Information on programming in C++ is available within the manual, which may be downloaded below.


  Although the four analogue inputs are identical they can accommodate a wide range of sensors to suit a wide range of possible applications. These would include the measurement of temperature, pressure, light, sound, position, velocity, acceleration, humidity etc, etc…. The digital outputs can directly connect to an equally wide range of devices including motors, relays, lights, alarm sounders, etc. and with the inclusion of relays the overall power rating of what can be switched becomes limitless. A standard USB lead (not included) is needed to connect the WASP to your computer .


 (Note: This is not a "kit of parts" , it is fully assembled and tested)


Compatible with Windows 2000,  XP, Vista and  Windows 7


   To download a copy of the user manual for WASP right click on the link on the right and choose "save target as". This will allow you to download a PDF copy of the manual . 

Click here to download manual


  You will need Adobe Reader installed on your PC to read this document. Adobe reader is available for free download from Adobe using the link to the right..



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