Standard Stepper Motor (0.9Kgcm torque)



4-Phase Unipolar Stepper Motor with 1.8 Degree Step Angle


     The perfect addition to the StepperBee is one of our high resolution, medium torque 4 phase stepper motors. All that is required in addition to the StepperBee itself is a 12 DC supply.  The connecting leads have had their ends pre-stripped and are ready to screw directly into the terminals of the StepperBee. The full specification of this motor is given below....



       Step Angle  1.8 Degrees
(200 steps per revolution)
       Step Angle Accuracy  5%      
       Phase Current  0.16A      
       Phase Resistance  75 Ohms      
       Holding Torque  9Ncm  (0.9Kgcm)      
       Detent Torque  1.5Ncm      
       Rotor Inertia  28 gcm2      
       Mass  0.22Kg      
       Insulation Class  B      
       Shaft Configuration  Single      
       Shaft Diameter  5mm      
       Number of Leads  6      
       Dimensions (excl shaft)  42.3 x 42.3 x 33.0  mm      
       Shaft Length  24mm (inc recess)      
       Lead Identification      
       Phase A  Brown      
       V+ (12v)  White      
       Phase /A  Red      
       Phase B  Orange      
       V+ (12v)  Black      
       Phase /B  Yellow      

StepperBee Shown with Two of the above Motors Connected





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