This general purpose "pull-type" solenoid offers a cost effective way of exploring one of the most common devices used in control systems. ( what is a solenoid ? ).


   As with most solenoids the linear movement of the plunger is at its most effective the closer it is to the fully "in" position. The figures given below in the specifications justify this (i.e. 1320gf holding force and 120gf at 4mm).  The plunger has a machined internal thread to accept an M3 screw (supplied). This makes it very easy to attach external mechanical parts. The screw with washer also retains a spring (also supplied) used to provide the "return" force for when the solenoid is de-activated. The diagram below shows how this solenoid would be connected to the outputs of a MiniBee.


   The above connection details would also be true for connecting to the digital switching outputs on the following boards ...
       BeeDriver, StepperBee, StepperBee+, MotorBee, WASP, RelayBee, MiniBee,  DIO Slave, AIO Slave and Relay Slave    


      Operating Voltage

12v DC

      Operating Current


      Coil Power Rating 3.5w      
      Pull Force @4mm 120gf (1.18N)      
      Holding Force 1350gf (13.2N)      
      Dimensions 36x26x20mm      
      Weight 90g      
      Stroke Length Maximum 10mm      
      Type Open Frame      
      Connections Flying Leads (60mm)      




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