Complete Starter Pack for Servo Control Direct from your PCAnimation and robotics made easy




    The pack contents are:
1x Motorbee with MotorWay Control Software, 1x Hitec HS311 6v Servo, 1x Servo accessory pack, 1x Switched Battery Holder and 1x USB Cable.
(Four AA batteries are required and are not included)
Servo Pack
   If you have never used a servo before, let alone control one from a PC, then the “Servo Pack” provides an easy “plug-and-go” solution. Once you have the Servo running under PC control the knowledge and confidence you gain by actually using a Servo is invaluable in applying those techniques to a wide range of applications. The Servo supplied is one of the most popular types on the market and understanding its principles of operation provides a solid basis for using many other types.

    - For those who are already familiar with servos, the servo pack offers a very convenient way of adding a servo to your PC application.

   - For programmers, the supplied DLL means you have a servo that is instantly controllable from within your own program (Visual Basic, C, C++ etc…)

    All that is required to get the servo up and running under PC control are four AA size batteries. The provision of pre-assembled interconnecting wires means that no soldering is required. All you need to do is plug in the servo cable to the MotorBee , connect the MotorBee to a free USB port using the lead supplied and install the software.

It’s that simple !
        Although the servo pack contents come pre-wired for ease of first use, the circuit diagram for this arrangement is shown below for reference and to encourage further exploration of this area of control.    


For those not familiar with circuit diagrams the following photo illustrates the connection.


       For details of installing the Motorway software and operating the servo from it, please refer to the MotorBee manual.
    Also please note that the MotorBee is fully functional with regard to it’s other facilities and is capable of driving up to 4 DC motors as well as the supplied servo.
     To download a copy of the Manuals for the various parts of the Servo Pack then right click on the appropriate link below and choose "save target as".    
    Servo Pack Details   Servo Specifications   Motor Bee Manual and MotorWay software    

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Compatible with Windows 2000,  XP, Vista and  Windows 7



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