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PC Control Products


Products for the Beginner / Intermediate user
     If you are new to computer automation but are keen to learn by actual hands on experience then this range of our products will suit you. They are designed to make your first experience of a PC control system educational and rewarding. The control boards simply plug into a standard USB port and do not require any device driver loading for Windows systems (i.e. the relevant drivers are already a standard part of Windows). A fully working software application is supplied with each control board to enable you to create a fully automated system without the need for any programming.  Once you have achieved a working system in your chosen area (eg motor control, sensor measurement, device switching etc...) or you are already a competent programmer you can continue to develop your system by writing your own programs for the same control board. A DLL function library is provided to make this task much easier. Debugging your own software is made much easier having already verified the hardware was fully functional using the supplied application software

Products for the Intermediate / Advanced User
    This range of products is aimed more at the student,  control engineer or computer programmer who needs to get into the world of computer automation for a particular task / project.  Although fully working software applications are provided with all boards to get a manual control system up and running quickly, the final system is envisage as being written in the users favoured programming language (eg C, C++, Visual Basic etc...).  To this end comprehensive libraries of DLL functions are provided to make the process of writing your own software much easier. Source code of fully working examples written for each of these boards is included on the installation disk with each board.  All boards in this range use the USB 2.0 standard.

   No matter at what level you are constructing your automation project you will need certain accessories to provide the required level of functionality. Although we only have a fairly modest section of accessories, providing motors and cables etc.. we expect this section to grow steadily and provide the control system builder with the most common devices and components at a reasonable price with the confidence that they have been tested for compatibility with our range of control boards.


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