If all you want to do with a PC is connect pre-made peripherals and use them exactly as they were intended then you may not need this section. The standard PC compatible computer has many connectors both inside and on the case enabling connection of a wide range of devices. These connection points are much more versatile than they were originally intended once you are armed with the necessary pinout information. For example the LPT1 or parallel port connector originally intended for fast communication with printers offers a very flexible general purpose digital interface to the real world. Although care needs to be taken when making connections to bespoke devices, with a few precautions and some common sense these connectors become the gateway to making your PC "do more" in the most general sense. Use the menu on the left for specific pinouts presented in "easy view" format and most have links to additional information on their respective interface.


pc connectors on the case including usb, printer and serial

pin out diagrams for the pc connectors internal and external lpt1 printer and parallel port connector interface description serial port comms interface pinout and protocol information details of the usb interface and connector pinout for pc computers      


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