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All of the products here are intended to help both the absolute beginner and the experienced engineer explore the world of control, automation and robotics using a standard PC compatible computer. Choose a category from the menu above.

   A good place to start is with our range of USB Control Boards which make it very easy to control real world devices from a standard USB port. They all come with software to get your application "up and running" very quickly and a DLL to allow you to customise and build your control system using a set of easy to use functions that can be called from your own programs (Visual Basic, C, C++ etc...).


   If you are very new to control you may like to try one of our starter packs, which contain everything you need to control a device(eg DC motor) from a PC (No Soldering: just a small screwdriver needed). We also have an accessories section for all of the ancillary equipment you may need such as motors and cables etc...

    Our spares section provides a full range of spare parts for the odd occasion where you may apply a wrong voltage or draw too much current and damage a board (it happens to the best of us).These sections will continue to grow as we add more products with our aim being to provide you with a comprehensive support package for PC automation and control systems

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