Complete Starter pack for Motor Control direct from your PCAnimation and robotics made easy




    The pack contents are:
1 Motorbee with MotorWay Control Software, 1 Motor and Gearbox Assembly, 2 Twin Battery Holders, 1 USB Cable and a small Terminal Link.
(up to four AA batteries are required and are not included)
       Centered around the MotorBee adaptor board the MotorPack is one of the easiest and lowest cost ways of getting started in PC control and automation. All that is required to get the small motor gearbox up and running under PC control is a small screwdriver to connect the wires to the terminals and four  AA size batteries. No soldering required.    
      The motor gearbox assembly uses a DC motor with worm and wheel drive mechanism designed to greatly increase the available torque produced by the motor. Although this is still very much a light duty arrangement it makes it much more usable for the robotics enthusiast than a simple DC motor which tends to have too little torque and too much speed. There are a few options as to how to connect the parts, which is why two battery holders have been supplied. i.e. it allows you to supply the motor with either 3v or 6v. The motor is rated for 2v 6v DC. The circuit for the most common connection (6v operation) is shown below. This shows how the parts should be connected to allow the motor gearbox arrangement to be driven at variable speed in both directions. This uses two of the 4 available outputs on the MotorBee. If you only needed single direction, variable speed operation then only one output would be used (see MotorBee Manual for details). For those that are not familiar with circuit diagrams the connection arrangement is also shown in the photo.    


     To download a copy of the Manuals for the various parts of the Motor Pack then right click on the appropriate link below and choose "save target as".    
    Motor Pack Details   Motor GearBox Specifications   Motor Bee Manual and MotorWay software    

  You will need Adobe Reader installed on your PC to read these documents. Adobe reader is available for free download from Adobe using the link to the right..


Compatible with Windows 2000,  XP, Vista and  Windows 7



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