Joke Version of Microsoft Word


Have you ever wanted to challenge your office secretary to a typing speed race ?

  Use the program "words.exe" (shown on the right) to guarantee success.
   It looks like Microsoft Word but behaves in three different ways depending on which of three, secret, unlabelled buttons you click on.



  The first is for normal typing, accurately displaying what you type.

  The second will ignore what key you press and, at each keystroke, get the next character from a file called dummy.txt stored on your hard drive. So you can type as fast as you want and guarantee that at every keystroke you will get the correct letter.

  The third will accurately display what you type but will automatically make every 15th letter wrong, displaying a random letter instead.

  So, get some text of your choice into a file called "dummy.txt" (just use notepad or similar) and put it into the same directory as the program. Print it out and let your secretary type it in using your PC while being timed. Press the secret button and then you have a go. Watch your secretaries mouth hit the floor as you blind her with your speed and accuracy. When she insists on having another go, hit button three and force errors as she types. Try not to laugh too loud as you win the bet !!!!



"words" can be obtained at this link


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