Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)
about our Technical Support

  Q   Do you provide technical support for products purchased from the control shop.    
  A   Yes. We are always happy to answer questions and offer advice to our customers pre and post sales.    
  Q   Can you send me the source code to BeeStep14  or LogicLab  ?    
  A   No. The source code to all of our applications is confidential and never released, but we do provide the source code to a simple (working) program with every product purchased. It is written in Visual Basic and is supplied on the installation CD together with a full product manual.    
    Q  Can I send you my program to debug  ?    
    A  No.  Whilst we do not object to looking at a small sample of a problem area within your program to clarify a question, we cannot offer a program debugging service.    

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