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Download Installation Software

Our control boards are supplied with installation software which will include some or all of the following items...
    -  ready to run application (to help you get up and running quickly)
    - user manuals
    - programming guides
    - data sheets
    - DLL function library  (for writng your own applications)
    - example software (usually in 'C++' and/or Visual Basic )

 The links below will take you to google drive where you can download the relevant installation software and manuals.  Depending on which browser you are using the download page may look slightly different but it should have a download option (usually to the top right of the screen)  Once you have downloaded the "zip file" simply extract the files it contains to a suitable location on your hard drive.  To install the software double click on the "setup.exe" file.


MiniBee   BRD001


DigiBee  BRD002


DigiBee+  BRD003


MotorBee  BRD004


StepperBee  BRD005  and StepperBee+ BRD006




Control Master Range (all boards)


Hawk Range (all boards)

ConText BRD031


Note: If you see a message from google drive that a "preview" of the files is not available you can safely ignore this and just use the download button.  Google drive prefers you to sign in before it shows previews and certain other features.






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