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Terms of Use of PC Control Information

All information is provided on this website free of charge.  PC Control is devoted to assisting the computer user to "do more" with his/her PC. We hope to open the door to the limitless possibilities of computer control and hope to do this by collecting information for presentation here as a guide. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for the authenticity of information contained in these pages and any use to which it may be put. We accept contributions from our readers on a regular basis and , apart from a little editorial discretion, we provide the information "as is".
    We would like to encourage readers to submit articles on subjects with which they are familiar, but please do not send copyrighted material. Please ensure you have the authority to publish what you send us. Any material infringing copyright will be removed from the website once reported to us. This said , we would rather have your material in your words and diagrams exactly as you have experienced your particular project , even if your grammar is, like ours, not always top notch. Were engineers, not poets..

The full version of our terms and conditions may be viewed at the following link....

Terms and Conditions