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    Using our Boards with Raspberry Pi

     The popular Raspberry Pi single board computer is a very useful, flexible and inexpensive way to enter the world of computer control and automation. Since it has USB ports, it is ideally suited to use with some of our range of USB control boards. Although we don't offer Linux support with our products we felt that, in this case, the details were so simple that we should really provide example code to our customers. To that end, we have small Python programs for each of our boards. The programs you find here have all been tested on a Raspberry Pi Model B ( and B+ where indicated).  Although the majority of the code for each board is the same we have deliberately repeated it in each of the specific board examples below just so each description is complete in its own right (so please excuse the repetition if you are reading more than one board example code).  Below are the links to the specific details page for each of these specific boards .

    Please note that the contents of the pages below are the full extent of our support in this area. We cannot enter into problem solving discussions to do with Linux, Raspberry Pi, Python or general "low level" USB messaging in this area.
       Also: these details are not available for any of our other boards not shown below

    Details of Using Raspberry Pi with .......


    Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation


    Vending Machine:
    A new article
    by Peter Nines

    Microscope Control:
    A new article
    by Harald K. A.

     Use our boards with
    Raspberry Pi.