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        The world of control and automation using motors, solenoids, lamps and all sorts of other devices has long been restricted to those who can write computer programs. "Just Text" opens up this world to non-programmers (and programmers who want it a bit easier). If you can create a simple text file on your computer then you can operate this world of devices and build your own automation system.

    Just Text is now available for the MotorBee.

    How does Just-Text perform "Control and Automation" for the MotorBee
      The MotorBee has electronic components which provide for "reading" inputs, switching outputs, controlling motors in both speed and direction and positioning a servo. Specifically....

    Inputs: - These are standard digital type; which means that it will recognise if an input is on or off. This can be from a simple switch or a more complex device which provides a voltage output corresponding to it being on or off.

    Outputs:- These are simple switching type outputs which offer a means of switching on and off external devices of all types. Although the switching outputs are limited to fairly low powered devices, they can be used to operate relays which in turn can then operate almost any power of device.

    Motor Control:- Control for DC motors providing speed and direction control for up to 4 motors (depending on the number of motors used some may be uni-directional).

    Servo Control:- Most servos rely on a standard interface which allows it to be instructed to move to a given angular position. The Motor Bee provides this control for one Servo.

       The power and simplicity of Just-Text really begins to show when it comes to specifying the control requirements for the automation. As previously mentioned, this is a simple text file. It can be created using the "built-in" text editor which is part of the Just-Text software or any other text editor which doesn't involve fancy formatting or font and colour enhancements, i.e. simple , plain text. A good example is the text editor which comes with all Windows systems called "Notepad".
       Each separate line of this text file has a single instruction which will be used by Just-Text to perform the desired operation on the connected MotorBee. For example....

    - OUTPUT 2 ON     will turn on switching output number 2.
    - WAIT 10 SEC       will wait for 10 seconds before moving on to the next line of text.
    - DCMOTOR 2 FORWARD will start DC motor number 2 running in the forward direction.

        As you can see the instructions are designed to be as close to plain English as possible. Just-text software provides a checking facility to check your text for any errors and explain what is wrong. Once the text is correct you simply click on "Start" to see it operate via the MotorBee which would be connected to a USB port.

    The above example only shows a few of the available instructions that can be used in Just-Text. The full user guide for Just-text provides details of all instructions with examples and can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

    Better still:   Why not download the software and try it for free.  The downloadable version is fully functional except for actually controlling the attached MotorBee. The download link is also at the bottom of the page. Once you have installed it and decided it is suitable for you, you can purchase an activation code in our control shop. For us, this is a necessary charge but has been kept as low as possible.

       Just-Text also has a Manual Control Page for direct control of all MotorBee facilities. This provides individual controls for motor speed and direction  as well as servo position and switching outputs. Ita slo shows the current state of the MotorBee inputs.
       To enable quick setup, this page shows each of the selectable configurations posssible with MotorBee motor choices. This is shown both in diagram form and example photo.


    Download JustText   (standard zip file)

    View the full user guide for Just text  (pdf file)

    Just Text:MotorBee can be purchased here (shop link)..   JustText

    Note: This product is excluded from our normal refund policy and is supplied for a single hard drive installation on one PC. You should ensure it is suitable for your purposes using the downloadable free version before making a purchase


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