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     The Control Master system by PC Control Ltd. offers an affordable and "easy to use" solution for distributed control.

    Its main features are….
    - USB 2.0/1.0 Master Controller with optional 2500v isolation facility
    - Simple two wire link between Master and, up to 30 Slave modules
    - Distance to farthest Slave can be a massive 1Km
    - An ever increasing range of Slave module types to cover most applications
    - Control Master Software for instant control of all attached devices
    - A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) for programmers to write their own programs to access all of the attached slave modules (compatible with most languages C, C++, VB etc)
    - Compatible with Windows XP,Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
    - The lowest cost control option of its type available

    The boards that make up the Control master system are shown below. Click on the image for more information about each board.

    Non-Isolated Master Controller
    The job of the Master is to allow the PC to send and receive data to any of the slave boards. Every distributed control system must have one Master Controller. The Master has an on board Microcontroller which is dedicated to performing two main functions..

    1. Handling the USB interface to the PC
    2. Handling the RS485 serial communications to the slave boards

        There are two different types of Master Controller available. The “Non-isolated Master” is the simplest form offering a direct connection between the PC (Via USB lead) the Master and the Slave boards.

    Isolated Master Controller
    The Isolated Master Controller does exactly the same job as the Non-Isolated Master described above, but has the benefit of isolating your PC from all external voltages up to 2500v

    Digital Input / Output Slave
    The Digital I/O Slave provides 8 standard digital inputs and 8 high voltage switching outputs which can each switch up to 50v at 500mA

    Relay Slave
    The Relay Slave provides 8 standard digital inputs and 8 Changeover type relay outputs. The contact rating of each of the relay outputs is 240vAC / 30vDC at 6A.

    Motor Slave
    The Motor Slave provides both speed and direction control for two DC motors rated at up to 36v and a massive 6A.

    Analogue Input / Output Slave
    The Analogue I/O Slave provides 8 analogue inputs which are digitised to a full 10bit resolution, 1 standard digital input and 8 high voltage switching outputs which can each switch up to 50v at 500mA

    Stepper Slave
    The Stepper Slave provides full independent control for up to two standard stepper motors.

    Stepper Slave Plus
    The Stepper Slave provides full independent control for up to two large stepper motors. Output drive capability is very much higher than standard stepper slave above.

    Control Master Software
    Included with the purchase of all of the above boards is the Control Master Software which allows full control of all attached boards from the PC. A DLL function library is also provided for programmers to write their own code very easily.







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