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    The Stepper Slave+ provides full independant control of 2 large stepper motors with limit switch inputs and some general purpose digital I/O.  With a Master Controller already connected to the PC this slave module can be up to a massive 1Km away connected only by a single pair of low cost wires.

    General:     The Stepper Slave Plus is identical to the stepper slave in both functionality and connection details. The only difference is that it can handle much larger phase currents and , consequently, much larger and more powerful stepper motors. The standard stepper slave can handle up to 500ma (0.5A) per phase. The Stepper Slave Plus can handle up to a massive 6A per phase. To provide this extra capability the board is fitted with additional MOSFET driver components which means that the board is slightly larger than the standard stepper slave. However, the layout of the board is identical, with the terminals in exactly the same positions. When using the Stepper Slave Plus with the supplied software it appears to the system as a standard stepper slave. i.e. there is no distinction between the "standard" and "plus" versions as far as the Control Master software (or the DLL function library) is concerned.

    When it comes to using this board, please refer to the standard Stepper Slave page for all usage details.


    (Note: This is not a "kit of parts" , it is fully assembled and tested)

    Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
        To download a copy of the user manual for this board, right click on the link on the right and choose "save target as". This will allow you to download a PDF copy of the manual

        You will need Adobe Reader installed on your PC to read this document. Adobe reader is available for free download from Adobe using the link to the right..



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