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    ( Control and Automation Simplified )

        Lowest Cost Control Board for Automation and Robotics

       The Automator is a new approach to personal automation projects. It offers both the electronic hobbyist and industrial designer the means to quickly create an automation system without the whole learning process of computer operating systems, programming languages and compatibility problems.

       The board plugs into a standard USB port and is recognised immediately by all versions of Windows (XP and later) without the need to install any drivers.

    It can be "programmed" to do its automation using a simple text file.

       Automator can control a stepper motor, 4 servos and has three independent outputs and 2 inputs.
         In the photo on the right you can see Automator connected to four servos, one stepper motor, two switches, two relay modules and a geared DC motor. The battery pack shown provides the 6v power for the devices. Many other devices with differing voltage and power requirements can be used.

    Automator: JustText software is included with all purchases. This provides simple text control of the automator and all its connected devices. It even has a "Manual Control" section to enable you to control all attached devices immediately with a few clicks.

    Automator is available in three forms

    1.  Self build kit of parts:
         This is a very simple process of soldering 14 components to a high grade PCB (printed circuit board). Even for those who have little experience of soldering this is quite straightforward and takes, typically, less than 20 minutes. This offers a very low cost option and has our backup of a "get you going" service if you experience any problems.

    2. Ready assembled and tested board: 
         A good place to start if you have not done any soldering before. The board is simply ready to plug into a USB port.

    3. PIC Chip Only
        We also provide the automator PIC chip seperately including the full circuit diagram for the automator. This offers the lowest cost option.    This means you can build your own project on something as simple as stripboard or protoboard and still take advantage of the Automator software. See user guide below for details.

          Why not download the user guide and the JustText software and see for yourself just how easy it is...

    Click  Here to Download Automator:JustText Software
    This is a standard zip file.Simply save to your hard drive, unzip the files and click on setup.exe
    Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64bit)
        To download a copy of the user guide for this board, right click on the link on the right and choose "save as". This will allow you to download a PDF copy of the manual

    User Guide
       You will need Adobe Reader installed on your PC to read this document. Adobe reader is available for free download from Adobe using the link to the right..

    Click here for current price and stock status

    :   View a short video of the automator being used to control the popular MeArm robot arm (4 axis servo control). 
    Robot Arm Video

    For experienced programmers who prefer to use their own programming language such as C or VBasic etc, A DLL (Dynamic link library) has been provided to make the process of integrating the Automator functionality very easy. More details at the link below....

    Automator DLL 



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