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    Although all of our USB boards come with their own control software and DLL that enables the user to get "up and running" quickly with their application, these software items only support one device per PC. For applications that may require multiple boards of the same type or a mixture of any/all types we have BeeHive software. This application software allows any number and any mix of our USB boards to be used at the same time on the same PC.

    BeeHive software consists of two parts.

    1.   A DLL library of functions to allow the user to write his own programs (eg in visual basic, C, C++ etc...) very easily without needing to get to know the more difficult complexities of USB communications protocols etc...

    2.   A multi-tabbed application that has a separate tab for each type of board we manufacture and uses the DLL to provide manual controls for all of the facilities on each board.

      BeeHive application has a separate tabbed page for each type of board we make and on that page there are a full set of controls to allow evaluation and operation of the attached board.

    Where there are more than one of a particular type of board then the appropriate tabbed page provides a means of selecting the board you intend by an identifying number based on it's USB number.

    BeeHive software opens the door to very large and powerful control systems based on a selection of specific boards from our range.

    BeeHive software is fully compatible with all previous versions of our current range of control boards

         Beehive is available free of charge.  It may be downloaded by right clicking on the following link and choosing "save target as" ......

    Beehive Files

    Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

        Once downloaded, copy the zip file to a directory of your choice where you should unzip all of the files contained within the zip file. Then run the Setup application to install beehive on your computer.

    Beehive Manual Beehive DLL Function
    Reference Manual


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