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    Our range of products, which are available to purchase in our online "Control Shop",  offer solutions to a wide range of customer types. From the absolute beginner/hobbyist who may need step by step instructions and "ready to run" software through to the industrial systems builder who simply needs a reliable board complete with full technical data, DLL funtion libraries and programing examples.

    Control Boards

    We currently have three main ranges of control board products. These are the "Bee", the "Hawk" and the "Control Master" Ranges.  There is no distinct seperation in the functionality of these ranges but one may be slightly more suitable to an application than another. For example the bee range is aimed more at the beginner/intermediate user wheras the control master favours the more experienced programmer, with the hawk falling somewhere in between. They all have a very similar style in use and ,having used any of our boards, you will find the others very quick to understand and make full use of.


    Starter Packs

    Sometimes the difficulties with starting any control project is that you have never controlled the particular device before or maybe never controlled any device before. To help the beginner or less experienced engineer gain an appreciation of how a device actually works, we provide some starter packs that simply require the use of small screwdriver to get devices such as stepper motors, DC motors and servos fully controlled by a PC. The confidence you get by connecting and running these devices from a PC in minutes rather than weeks serves to open the door to more and more elaborate control system designs. All packs include one of our control boards.


    No matter at what level you are constructing your automation project you will need certain accessories to provide the required level of functionality. Although we only have a fairly modest section of accessories, providing motors and cables etc.. we expect this section to grow steadily and provide the control system builder with the most common devices and components at a reasonable price with the confidence that they have been tested for compatibility with our range of control boards.


    In any project there is always a need to have spares available to cover those small mishaps. We stock a full set of spares for all of our boards in our "Spares Section". Many of our boards have the input and output driver chips in sockets enabling easy replacement, if and when, mistakes occurr (eg incorect voltage, current applied etc...)









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