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  • Industrial Packaging Fabrication

    Submitted by Drew Middleton,
    Plant Engineer,  International Packaging Corporation (UK) Limited

       Interpak creates high quality, custom designed presentation packaging for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. As part of its manufacturing process there was a need to automate the fabrication of the box hinge cover.    A stepper bee+ board and large stepper motor were used.

       The Stepper bee+ board is controlled via a small DOS program. The Stepper bee+ receives an input from a Mitsubishi plc to initialise the program, it then powers the motor to feed the material through 2 rollers( the bottom one drives the top) to a set length then, sends an output back to the plc which in turn starts its own cycle to cut, then feed the material along to a position where it is attached to another component. Once the feed slider is back at the start position, it sends an output to the stepper bee+ to initialise another cycle.    The hinge cover is attached to a foam type pad which is inserted into the lid of the presentation box.

    You can view the final products at the Interpak website at the following link....