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The following articles have been written by our customers. They highlight the many and varied applications in which our control products have been used.  We hope that they will inspire you in your own application area.  Please remember that we are always pleased to receive articles from our customers for publication on our website. All articles published will be credited to the author.

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 Computer Controlled Train Set
Turn a boring "round and round" train set into something that holds your attention.
by Jane L. Northampton
Automated Security Camera
 A camera that responds, tracks and photos human movement within its sensor range (no programming used - done entirely by text using the Context board).
by Brian M.
 Piano Playing Robot
How to create a piano playing robot using a maxibee.
by William M (Malta)
 Making a Computer Controlled Greenhouse
Never around to water those plants or open the ventilation windows then read this article.
by Matt J, Cumbria
 Digitising 16mm Film
Want to get your old cine film into digital format ?
Bill shows how using a standard stepper pack for the automation.
by Bill K, Indiana, USA
PC- Controlled Car
Step by step details of how to create a computer controlled car from a simple radio controlled one.
by Gordon M. (UK)
 Desktop CNC Laser Cutter
It's amazing what can be made from a stepper bee and some bits from old scanners and DVD writers !!
by Philip B, Pretoria, South Africa
Rubik Cube Solving Robot
How to solve the classic Rubik's Cube puzzle using physical manipulation by a home made robot.  (uses stepper bee+ and two motor bee's).
by William M (Malta)
CNC Wheel Cutter For Clock Making
Automating a time consuming and task using a stepper bee+ and some stepper motors.
by Rex S  (Australia)
( Autonomous Vehicle using Raspberry Pi and Motor Pack )
 Making a fully automatic intelligent robot/mobile using a Raspberry Pi and a Motorbee.
by Ava L (UK)
Lego + PC-Control + Plain English
(Lego Maze Solver Using a Servo Hawk )

 Using a Lego Maze kit with a Servo Hawk to create an automatic Maze solver.
by Gerry and Chuckles R, Kentucky, USA
Industrial Packaging Automation
 A Stepper Bee+ automates box fabrication.
by Drew Middleton, Interpak, UK
Improving Microscope Images
 A Stepper Bee automates imaging controls.
by Harald K A.,  Norway
Internet-enabled vending Machine
 A Stepper Bee+ is used to automate the process of operating a
vending machine from a website.
by Peter Nines
automated vending machine