Beginners/Intermediate Products


Control Boards
     In any Personal Computer control and automation project one of the biggest obstacles is in finding the right product for the job. Choosing a difficult control board can make the whole project take much longer than necessary.  The products we offer are intended to shorten any such project by including "get you started" software. This combination of control board plus ready to run software gets your project started very quickly. Once you have "operated your motor" or "turned on your lamp" or "measured the temperature" within your control system using one of our control boards, you will probably want to write your own software to take full control of your project and steer it in your own particular direction. To this end we have also provided a DLL function library to make your programming much easier. The DLL libraries we provide with all boards make the process of handling USB devices (for example) almost trivial, with the difficult part being handled within the DLL.

Starter Packs
    Sometimes the difficulties with starting any control project is that you have never controlled the particular device before. To help the beginner or less experienced engineer gain an appreciation of how a device actually works, we provide some starter packs that simply require the use of  small screwdriver to get devices such as stepper motors, DC motors and servos fully controlled by a PC. The confidence you get by connecting and running these devices from a PC in minutes rather than weeks serves to open the door to more and more elaborate control system designs.


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