Intermediate / Advanced Products


Hawk Range
    The Hawk range of boards are versatile USB adaptors which allow the PC user to explore the world of real time control and automation. All boards in the range are part of a new generation of control boards from PC-Control which provide the full speed USB 2.0 interface (plus compatibility with USB1.0). They are tools, which are attractive to both the novice and experienced user.
    They provide a consistent interface between the PC and a wide range of “real world” devices to be controlled or monitored. Although the current range of Hawk board types is limited, this range will continue to expand to incorporate as many types of device as possible whilst still maintaining an “easy to use” and “easy to program” development environment. This will provide users with access to the tools to create their own PC controlled application in the shortest time with the least amount of effort

Control Master Distributed Control
    If you want to control devices and/or take measurements from sensors which are not necessarily in close proximity to your PC you should consider a distributed control system. You just need one master controller board connected to your PC via a USB lead and then you can add a range of control boards for DC motors, relay control, analogue measurements (eg temperature, pressure, light etc...) and a million other purposes, which are connected to the Master by a simple pair of inexpensive wires. What's more.... they can be up to a massive 1Km from the Master. Using RS485 communications technology you can control up to 30 boards  spread over 1Km directly from your desktop PC


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