The Basics of PC Control


 What do we mean by "The Basics"
    To understand what information and "know how" the basics must provide, we should first look at
what we are trying to achieve. The "raison d'etre" for this website is to allow PC Users to "break out" of the box which sits on or under the desktop and "control" the real world. More than 98% of PC users never access the real world with their machine. It is solely used to manipulate data and interact with the human via the keyboard mouse and screen.  The importance and usefulness of this cannot and should not be diminished, but when the PC starts interacting with the real world more directly and tangibly, it's true power and capabilities become more apparent and it's as if a door to a new 3-dimensional world has been opened from two dimensional space. From the first steps into PC control right up to full blown intelligent robotic systems the role of the PC takes on a whole new range of meanings.  So, with all these grand ideas, where do we start. Perhaps a good  place is with an understanding of the fundamentals of electricity and electronics, without which no real world control is possible.




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