2-in-1 Motor Gearbox



   This is a very useful Motor Gearbox combination supplied as a kit of easy to assemble parts. It includes a DC motor, supporting framework with all necessary parts and two sets of gears to give two different gear ratios (1:60 and 1:288). Choice of gear ratios gives the user greater flexibility in matching speed and torque to his own particular application. Although this is still very much a light duty arrangement it makes it much more usable for the robotics enthusiast than a simple DC motor which tends to have too little torque and too much speed. The motor is typically used with supplies in the range 3.0v - 6.0v DC

Basic Specifications at 4.5v operating voltage
speed no load at 1:60 ratio is approx 200rpm
speed no load at 1:200 ratio is approx 42rpm



    The diagram above shows the parts included and the two different gear sets available, specified as number of teeth for each gear position.



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